This site is dedicated to the memory of Robert Burrows.

Robert Burrows was born in Ogden, Weber County, Utah on December 07, 1935. He is much loved and will always be remembered by all his friends and family. Funeral services will be held at 11am, Monday, 31 January, at the Orem 7th Ward Chapel, 365 S 900 E, in Orem, Utah. Viewing times, at the same location, will be 6-8pm, Sunday, 30 January, and 10am prior to the funeral service. Burial will be in the Mt. Pleasant City Cemetery.


Reflections -- Gary Lawlor I will miss my dear friend, Bob Burrows. I think that Bob’s life was like the gift of water. First the water falls from heaven as rain, and it speaks to us through all of our senses. We see the clouds, hear the thunder and the rain drops on the roof, feel the rain on our faces, smell the freshness of an earth made clean again, and taste the fruits that grow by their gift of life. Next, the water runs in streams and over waterfalls, and again communicates to all our senses. But as the water settles into a peaceful lake, it no longer has a voice for us to hear. Nevertheless, its communication is still there for those who are near. The lake speaks to us by its peaceful presence, and by the reflections off its smooth surface. That is how Bob spoke to me in the few months I knew him. I enjoyed just being with him, sitting near him at church or spending an hour with him at home, enjoying his friendship and his presence. And I’ll tell you how Bob spoke to me by reflections. One day it was raining hard after church. Alberta cared lovingly for him as she always did, dressing her eternal companion in his winter coat, hat, gloves and scarf, and then she draped a rain poncho over the top. We walked him home as fast as we could through the rain. When we got into the house and Alberta was taking off the poncho, the scarf, the hat, the gloves, and the coat, I made the observation, “You know, Bob, if you had enough good sense to stay in out of the rain, we wouldn’t have to go to all this fuss.” Bob responded with a huge grin. That reflection from the surface of Lake Burrows spoke to me. I think Bob was telling me that my quip was something like the dry humor he had enjoyed throughout his life. It was almost as though he had made the remark himself. Whenever we would finish after church and get Bob over to his bed, I liked giving him a little foot rub. One day I told Bob, “The foot rub is a reward for going to church, because I don’t want you to go inactive on us.” Again I was rewarded by a great big smile from Bob. Those were good times for me. I look forward to a continued friendship with the Burrows family. But I will miss my dear friend, Bob. Gary Lawlor
Sent by Gary Lawlor on 04/02/2011
From Janet and Bob Brians on Shore Road in Hollister CA. We fondly remember the years that you were our excellent neighbors. When I was in a pinch as to where to hold a computer class you both immediately offered a classroom in your home at the corner of Shore and Lovers Lane. The class was a great success. Bless both of you Bob, and Alberta, and especially Bob with his future life in God's Kingdom.
Sent by Bob On the FARM on 02/02/2011
Dear Alberta and family, We will sorely miss Bob. May you be filled with the peace of our Savior and know how much we love all of you.
From Jacque and Cole Woolley on 1 Feb 2011